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Camanachd Association extended resource

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The Camanachd Association has launched its extended support resources. The resources are targeted at certain groups but everyone with an interest in the great sport of Shinty will find information that will extend their awareness. iGamePlanner Shinty is very pleased to be a central part of these new resources.

Graham Cormack said "Shinty has been incorporated into this worldwide coach’s website []. Over 20 practices have already been uploaded, and linked to the Coaching Shinty You Tube channel, but we would like to see people adding and sharing their own ideas.

SnapShot makes life much easier

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The new SnapShot feature in iGamePlanner has made it even easier to produce coaching articles for websites and online manuals. SnapShot is a tool to help you take an image of the part of the plan you’re interested in. You can then use the image in articles you may need to produce.

Using just the right image will make your plans stand out more and using the Weblink tool, again part of iGamePlanner, you can link the image to an animation of the plan. Perfect for getting your message across.

Here’s a link to a plan created by Dean Alcock, top soccer coach in the Minnesota area. Take a look at Dean’s plan and see if iGamePlanner can help you with your coaching -

iGamePlanner for Clubs, Universities and Colleges

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iGamePlanner for Clubs

Sharing is one of the big advantages for using iGamePlanner. Your coaches and players can be set-up with the iGamePlanner Club structure so that plans, drills and training sessions can be shared to your selected contacts at the click of a button. As a coach within the group you continue to maintain your own portfolio of plans, drills and sessions, the iGamePlanner Club structure just makes it so much easier to share information within your club. The iGamePlanner Club structure makes planning training sessions so much easier when all coaches can work collaboratively to a common structure and theme. If you would like further details please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

iGamePlanner for Universities and Colleges

Did you know that iGamePlanner can be configured to integrate with a university or college structure? Plymouth University, Faculty of Sport are using iGamePlanner to great success. We offer bespoke solutions individually tailored to meet your specific requirements. If you would like to discuss how iGamePlanner can add value for your students and lecturers please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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